Ready To Keep Track Of The “Money Stuff” With Little Or No Accounting Background

But don’t know how to start?

Transaction Tracker Toolkit is a power-packed collection of templates, calculators, and checklists that will shortcut the path to managing the business finances yourself!

Want to stay out of tax trouble, control your money, and build your best business?

The Insane Truth About Business Money Management

even if you hate numbers…

Some business owners wait until April every year to tally up business financials in order to file a tax return.

The problem? It’s a hair on fire, train wreck of an exercise to get it done.

  • Receipts have gone missing.
  • They can’t remember what all the transactions are for (especially those that happened over a year ago).
  • All other work in the business is on hold for days on end while the madness ensues.

What they fail to realize (or choose to ignore) is working the financials is more than just a compliance exercise. Financials lie at the heart and soul of the business.

Bleeding Cash

You might find yourself paying more in taxes, getting charged late fees, and just plain overspending when your financials are disorganized and hard to interpret. All those little things add up fast!

Losing Money

Cash flow and profitability are NOT equal. Your expenses can be less than your sales and you can still lose money… without a system in place, you can forget to actually collect that cash from customers. (Trust me, it happens!)

Difficult Financing

Lenders will require proof of income (ahem, financials) for approval on any kind of financing professionally OR personally. A lack of financial reporting can lead to higher interest rates, mortgage insurance requirements, or involving a cosigner.

After years of helping business owners one-to-one with smart money management

I’ve figured out how to help others just like you tackle these financial problems- DIY style!

Hi, I’m Abby

When I started my business, it was always a balancing act to do things right (or stay out of trouble) AND keep costs down. I lost many hours researching on the internet and spent a lot of brainpower and effort struggling through new tasks.


There was so much I didn’t know. I was constantly left wondering if there was a better way, but I was too exhausted to solve the problem and didn’t have the money to hire experts. 


At the end of the day I was just trying to build a life I wanted for me and my family – which was (and still is) to spend more quality time together so they know that I love them.


This spring when the coronavirus pandemic got really bad, a lot of people started new businesses to continue providing for their families. I thought to myself, “if I were them I would want an easy bookkeeping solution that doesn’t require hiring someone or paying a monthly subscription.”


So I created some tools to address the biggest money management problems I’d seen during my years as a professional bookkeeper. Then I made sure each template, checklist, and calculator worked together with the others. 


I even exported all of my own bookkeeping data and tested each tool until it worked perfectly.


And when I was done? A simple and beautiful money management system – a place where a new business owner can start their bookkeeping without spending too much money. 


A quick and affordable fix.

Imagine dramatically increasing your take-home pay because your business money is under complete control.

You can take ownership of your financials without…

Wasted Time...

Don’t spend 256 hours on Google or YouTube going down the rabbit hole of questionable answers.

Wasted Money...

Don’t fork over $25 or more every month for expensive software that makes you want to pull your hair out.

Complete Frustration...

Don’t stay awake at night wondering if you’ll be able to pay yourself this month, because your bank account balance is the only number you know.

Keeping your eye on financial numbers consistently throughout the year not only prevents the year-end fire drill, but provides valuable insights to improve the financial health and stability of your business.

Pay Yourself

Bring home more pay without increasing your time spent at work. Once you see exactly what you’re spending, you can make decisions to cut out non-essential spending.


Sleep at night without worrying about money. A good money management system will keep you out of trouble with the tax man, and give you peace of mind that you’re not forgetting something.

Create A Cash Cushion

Have an emergency fund to pay an unexpected expense. Consistently tracking your financials will keep you accountable to yourself to practice good money habits.


A power-packed collection of templates, calculators, and checklists that will shortcut the path to managing your business finances.

For the business owner that wants to take control of the “money stuff” without subscribing to expensive monthly software.

Perfect for coaches, consultants, freelancers, and professional service providers.

You’ll learn how to:

Create a clean and easy to read summary of your financial performance 

(so you can make those BIG money decisions with confidence)

Transform your relationship with actual money 

(perfect for people who accept cash payments from customers and don’t want to lose it)

Never miss out on collecting money owed to you by customers 

(so you can maximize the amount of money in your bank account)

Keep track of money you owe and by when 

(drastically decreasing the chances of ever getting a late fee)

Assess the nature of your transactions 

(so you can bank all those tax deductions and keep more of your money)


Profit Tracker

I’ve put together some tracker magic that creates clean, easy-to-read financial reports plus provides beautiful supporting charts and graphs. See your profit at a glance and watch how you stack up to your budget in one place!

Petty Cash Tracker

This handy tracker is it’s own little system, you’ll know when money went in or came out of your literal piggy bank even without a bank’s oversight (like with your checking account). Use this calculator to make sure your dollars never go missing.

Receivables Tracker

One of the biggest mistakes I see is business owners flat out forgetting to collect their money from customers! This tracker will help you corral those payments so you can bank all that hard-earned money and avoid running low on cash.

Payables Tracker

Keeping a tab on all the due dates for bills can be challenging- this tracker provides one hub for all payments going out of your business. Avoid charges for missing or late payments once and for all.

The T3 Category Bank

This is the ultimate resource for knowing what transactions go into what bucket with consistency. Plus- I provide a swipe for using these categories in a QuickBooks Online chart of accounts. Make filing your taxes a plug and play exercise.


I’m practically giving it away

For $37

(yes really)


The truth is I could charge a lot more for this template pack. It’s small and mighty because it produces exactly the result I promise!

Make sure to grab this template pack before I change my mind and increase the price

You’ll get all the templates, calculators, and checklists plus the special bonuses for less than a pizza dinner for your family.



Recurring Cost Tracker

My favorite part about working with a new bookkeeping client is showing them their recurring costs in a clean, organized way for the first time. Why? Because they immediately find a way to save $1,000’s of dollars! That’s what this tracker is all about.


Month-End Checklist

Bookkeeping is like a boomerang – once you complete the tasks at hand, they come right back. Here’s what to do to ensure you have no loose ends at the end of each month because there’s nothing more annoying than numbers not adding up.


Year-End Checklist

There is more to wrapping up the year than filing your annual tax return. Falling out of compliance is often an honest mistake, you don’t know what you don’t know. I’ve got your back, stay out of trouble using this checklist.


Supporting Money Systems Starter Kit

Learn how to track mileage, accept credit cards, manage contract labor obligations, plus more with this playbook. Everything you need to build your best business. Plus, I identify my favorite software tools for getting all your money tasks done.


If you’re not 100% satisfied with Transaction Tracker Toolkit after 7 days, I will offer you a full refund, *pinky promise*.

A power-packed collection of templates, calculators, and checklists

Profit Tracker………… (value $57)

Petty Cash Tracker………… (value $27)

Receivables Tracker………… (value $27)

Payables Tracker………… (value $27)

Tracker Category Catalog………… (value $47)

BONUS: Recurring Cost Tracker………… (value $17)

BONUS: Month-End Checklist………… (value $17)

BONUS: Year-End Checklist………… (value $17)

BONUS: Supporting Money Systems Starter Kit………… (value $57)


TOTAL VALUE = ($293)

Today’s Price = $37

What Everyone Is Saying About Us

Before I felt stressed. Constant worry. Is it enough? Do I have enough? It was stressful. “Was it enough?” was always the question that I was asking myself. Now that I have a system in place, I have a $10,000 cash cushion in my checking account on any given day. I’d never had that for my business. I was amazed at how easy it appeared. That’s my favorite- every time I look at the account. It’s like ”Boom, I’ve got cash!”

– Brooke Carpenter, HR Consultant

Life before was living in the realm of the unknown. What that means is I never really knew which months were profitable and which months weren’t. I didn’t understand the details and the details really do matter. I just don’t have to worry about it anymore.

– Lee Gray, Business Coach

I love knowing that all of our financial details are under control!

– Nate Kirk, Real Estate Broker

I’ve been able to put money back so if I have unexpected bills, like this huge tax bill that I wasn’t anticipating, I had it. I had it in my savings and I could write a check for it. I didn’t have to worry about where it was coming from or pay it out of my personal account. I didn’t have to cut my paycheck back. I’m kind of proud of myself!

Jenni HarshbargerClinical Psychologist

I felt like things were extremely disorganized before, just in little pieces everywhere, and nothing was in a clear place even when we tried… now, I feel like we can go to bed at night knowing that our finances are in order and we don’t have to worry about who could be knocking at our door tomorrow to tell us what mistake we’ve made.

Josie OldhamClinical Social Worker/Therapist

You’re sick of the disorganization… the ambiguity… the 17 half-started spreadsheets...

In spite of it all, you still don’t have a money management system in place… or you do and it’s overwhelming to think about. Put a stop to the uncertainty. You need the RIGHT tools for the RIGHT tasks to get the result as FAST as possible!

A power-packed collection of templates, calculators, and checklists

Profit Tracker………… (value $57)

Petty Cash Tracker………… (value $27)

Receivables Tracker………… (value $27)

Payables Tracker………… (value $27)

Tracker Category Catalog………… (value $47)

BONUS: Recurring Cost Tracker………… (value $17)

BONUS: Month-End Checklist………… (value $17)

BONUS: Year-End Checklist………… (value $17)

BONUS: Supporting Money Systems Starter Kit………… (value $57)


TOTAL VALUE = ($293)

Today’s Price = $37

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of business is the Transaction Tracker Toolkit meant for?

Any business that offers 1-to-1 services, 1-to-many services, info products, and online courses! It’s perfect for coaches, consultants, freelancers, and professional service providers.

I’m NOT a numbers person, will this still work for me?

YOU were the inspiration for creating the Transaction Tracker Toolkit. Each resource inside is designed to be simple and straight-forward. Plus, (thanks to some pre-Black Friday feedback) I’m recording short how-to videos in an effort to make your learning curve nice and easy.

I already downloaded some free templates online. How is the Transaction Tracker Toolkit different?

Transaction Tracker Toolkit is designed to help save you time without breaking your brain. I’ve taken what I know from working with business owners just like you, and created tools to address the biggest money management pain points. Plus, these templates, calculators, and checklists are all meant to work together – so there is no double-work or conflicting information by duct-taping together your own toolkit from free online templates.

I haven’t made any sales yet. Do I need this?

Yes. This is perfect for business owners who are just getting started especially if no sales have been made yet. Your bookkeeping starts as soon as you make your first business-related purchase.

What exactly is inside the Transaction Tracker Toolkit?

Four trackers and one catalog/swipe file plus all the bonuses. AND each tracker has a dashboard and some even come with extra templates (like petty cash vouchers and a customer invoice). Basically everything you need to fast track your money management setup.

Is the content available immediately?

Yes! All of the content is inside a member’s area, ready to go! You’ll get instant access as soon as you complete the purchase. Except two of the bonuses are still in work (I’m one person doing all the things, so I flat ran low on time) and how-to videos for each resource (I JUST decided to add these in)- everything will be available by December 7th, 2020.

What if this is not what I expect?

You have 7 days to decide this isn’t for you, if you’re not into it I’ll offer you a full refund 100% guaranteed.

Here’s the truth

There’s A LOT that I wish I had known when I “opened doors” to my digital business. And I want to save you some of the trouble that I experienced. I’ve also benefited from helping other businesses in my years as a professional bookkeeper. 

Let me be the first to tell you that YOU CAN manage a simple money system in your business. 

I’ve put all of my best tips and actionable advice into the templates, calculators, and checklists inside of the Transaction Tracker Toolkit to help you get a money system in place quickly – no fluff.

A power-packed collection of templates, calculators, and checklists

Profit Tracker………… (value $57)

Petty Cash Tracker………… (value $27)

Receivables Tracker………… (value $27)

Payables Tracker………… (value $27)

Tracker Category Catalog………… (value $47)

BONUS: Recurring Cost Tracker………… (value $17)

BONUS: Month-End Checklist………… (value $17)

BONUS: Year-End Checklist………… (value $17)

BONUS: Supporting Money Systems Starter Kit………… (value $57)


TOTAL VALUE = ($293)

Today’s Price = $37



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