10 Things to Know About Our Company.


We Always Speak the Truth

We’re honest with ourselves, our clients, and each other. If you’re not a good fit for our service, we’ll say so. 


We Enjoy Life Outside of Work

There’s so much to love in the world. Do we love what we do? Heck yeah! But we also love our families. We balance our time around our commitments to family, clients, self-care, and renewal. 


We Don’t Settle for Mediocrity 

The job’s not done until we pay attention to the details, go above and beyond, and challenge the status quo. We focus our thoughts, energy, and actions on the successful outcome or whatever we’re doing.  


We Ain’t Got Time to Hate


Everyone’s doing the best they can, and we realize that. We use our speech with positive purpose to empower, support, and bring joy to others. 


We Aren’t Jerks

Let’s face it life isn’t always a walk in the park. We lend a hand to lift each other up. We do nice things like let cars merge in front of us on the highway. And we don’t knowingly or purposely take advantage of others when they’re down. 


We’re Responsible


If a mistake happens, we’ll take ownership of it. We don’t make accusations or assign blame to others for behaviors and actions that are our own. 


We’ve Got Team Spirit

Life is a relay, not a race. Working together to achieve our dreams and treating others with compassion and kindness is how we roll. 


We’re Always Learning

We’re consistently learning, growing, and mastering our trade to improve our services and to help educate others. Plus we proactively examine ourselves and out mistakes to see where we can be better.  


We Recognize the Sweet Stuff 

Stopping to catch a breath and recognize life’s blessings is part of who we are. We celebrate our wins and the wins of our clients enthusiastically. We say thank you and show appreciation often.   


We Want to Make a Positive Change


Giving back to our community and helping those with less opportunity makes us all better. Some of the causes we support locally are: Children’s Miracle Network through Via Christi of Wichita, Wichita Family Crisis Center, and Union Rescue Mission of Wichita. 


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